Devil Beside Me


Devil Beside Me


“I will own you. From now on, you are mine,” he says.
The way he stands above me, half of his face cast in the shadows. It makes him look like a devil.
And I’ve just sold my soul to this devil.
That night, I’m no longer the same person as I was before. I am a thing… a commodity.
I’m sold for £100,000.
My life changes when I meet a handsome, yet tormented devil. Struggling to pay my brother’s hospital bills, I ended up being in debt with a mysterious benefactor: Charles Benedict. He’ll pay for the medical expenses but in return, I will be his.
Charles no longer believes in love, not when his bride left him on the altar and ran off with her professor. When a beautiful woman begs him to save her brother, he didn’t do it to save her. He did it to torment her and turn her like him: broken. But his plans fails when he finds that she also carries many scars, and his need to protect her becomes his priority. Can this woman melt his frozen heart?

Author note:
This is the second novel in the Devil series, focusing on Charles’ story. Although it is preferable to read Devil in My Arms first, this story can also be read as a standalone.

Written by Aimi Deidre known as the author of Devil in My Arms
Pictures by KODAMA


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